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  • 04/20
    • My paper Propositionen als ontologische Leichtgewichte (propositions as ontological leightweights), which discusses the question in what sense pleonastic propositions should be taken to be ontologically leightweight by criticising a recent proposal due to Matthias Schürmann, is accepted for publication in Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung.
  • 03/20
    • My paper Paradigmatic Metaphysics is now published online at the Australasian Journal of Philosophy. We also have confirmation that the paper on Fregean that-clause semantics that I co-authored with Katharina Felka will appear in a collection on Unstructured Content (edited by Andy Egan, Dirk Kindermann and Peter van Elswyk, to appear with OUP).
    • I'll be at the DGPhil Congress this autumm in Erlangen and present a paper on that-clause semantics.
  • 10/19
    • Two talk announcements for January 2020: on the 21st of January Katharina Felka and I will give a talk at the theoretical philosophy research colloquium in Essen (thanks to Miguel Hoeltje for the kind invitation!). And the day after, on the 22nd of January, I will go back to the roots and speak on Fregean that-clause semantics at the Colloquium of the Institute of Philosophy in Hamburg.
    • Good news! My paper Paradigmatic Metaphysics, which is a discussion of paradigm termhood, Christian Nimtz's substitute for rigidity in a Kripkean philosophy of natural kinds, has been accepted by the Australasian Journal of Philosophy and will hopefully appear soon. Perhaps this is the place to mention that I was very impressed with the work of their editor, Stephen Hetherington, who was extremeley helpful throughout the whole process. And perhaps it isn't. In this case: apologies.
    • Katharina Felka and I co-authored a paper on Fregean that-clause semantics, more specifically on an argument against the viability of such a semantics due to Stephen Schiffer and Adam Pautz (spoiler: it is viable after all). I understand that there is at least some chance that it will be published in a collection on Unstructured Content (edited by Andy Egan, Dirk Kindermann and Peter van Elswyk) with OUP. But who knows what the future holds.
  • 08/19
    • 'How to properly lose direction' is now published in Synthese online first
    • There is a schedule for our workshop Language and World (10/08/19, Graz) now:
      10:00-11:30 Steve Yablo - Omniscience and Aboutness
      11:45-13:15 David Liggins - Quantification into predicate position and the metaphysics of properties
      15:00-16:30 Katharina Felka & Alex Steinberg - In defense of Fregean that-clause semantics
      17:00-18:30 Sally Haslanger - How not to change the subject
      If you'd like to attend, please register at grazphilosophyconference [at] gmail [dot] com
  • 07/19
    • My paper on 'just is' and grounding 'How to properly lose direction' has just been accepted for publication in Synthese.
    • I'm presenting a paper on Fregean that-clause semantics (co-authored with K. Felka) at a workshop with Sally Haslanger, Steve Yablo and David Liggins in the beginning of August in Graz. I'm also co-organizing this workshop with Katharina. So, this is perhaps a good opportunity to invite everyone to come. The workshop entitled Language and World will take place on Aug 10 in Graz and everyone is invited to attend. If you intend to do so, please register at grazphilosophyconference [AT] gmail [DOT] com and receive some pre-workshop goodies!
  • 05/18
  • 04/18
    • Term break is almost over, lecture notes are coming along nicely. There are also some events coming up. On May 22, 2018 I'll give a talk on propositions and that-clauses at the Issues in Philosophy of Language workshop in Graz (Austria). On June 13, 2018, I'll present at the Philosophy Club in Bielefeld.
  • 02/18
  • 08/17
    • I'll present my paper How to properly lose direction at the Research Seminar Theoretical Philosophy in Bielefeld on October 10, 2017, and at the Uppsala Higher Seminar in Theoretical Philosophy on November 6, 2017
  • 07/17
    • I'll give a talk in September at the XXIV's Congress of the DGPhil on Bolzano's argument for the existence of substances in Berlin.
    • I'm spending the summer as a visiting researcher at ConceptLab in Oslo (thanks ConceptLab!). As part of that I gave a talk on Content in Frege's Grundlagen in ConceptLab's guest researcher seminar, and a talk entitled How to properly lose direction at a mini workshop on Agustín Rayo's 'just is' operator on Aug, 17.
    • The Philosophy Meets Linguistics Conference was a great succes, with many extremeley interesting talks and much fun. Thanks everyone for taking part and to the Marie Gretler Stiftung for supporting the event!
    • Good news! I'm taking up a new job at the University of Bielefeld (a position as a so-called akademischer Rat) in the fall. So, bye bye Zurich and welcome Bielefeld! (But I can already say that I'll be back, if only temporarily)
  • 05/17
    • I gave a talk on Hale on Content at the Higher Seminar in Theoretical Philosophy in Essen. Fun times. Thanks, Nick for commenting and Miguel for organizing!
  • 01/17
    • Katharina Felka and I are organizing a workshop at the intersection of the philosophy and linguistics: Philosophy Meets Linguistics. Keynote speakers will be Angelika Kratzer, John MacFarlane, and Maribel Romero. Please find the call for abstracts and commentators at
    • I'll give a talk at the University of Geneva's eidos-Seminar on March 29. Topic to be confirmed.
    • Two talks in Sweden coming up in January and February on Pleonastic Propositions and the Face Value Theory: one on January 19 at the Uppsala Higher Seminar in Theoretical Philosophy, one on February 10 at Stockholm University's logic, language, and mind seminar
  • 10/16
    • Good news times two! First, my comment on Stephen Yablo's If-Thenism paper has been conditionally accepted by the Australasian Philosophical Review. Second, Katharina and I will be visiting the University of Oslo's ConceptLab for three months next summer on a visiting fellowship.
  • 07/16
    • My paper Adequate Counterpart Translations has now been accepted for publication in Mind.
    • I just received a Forschungskredit grant from the university of Zurich for two years of research into theoretical entities of philosophy (propositions, possible worlds and the like) starting in June 2017.
    • I'm going to present my counterparts paper at the SIFA 2016 in Pistoia in early September. Looking forward to a beautiful Tuscan town and lots of Italian philosophy!
    • The Zurich Early Career Postdoc Workshop is over. We heard many great talks and learned a lot. Thanks to everyone for participating! Katharina and I are now recovering from fun but also somewhat exhausting 8 days of conferencing (that included, for instance, having to spontaneously reschedule the conference BBQ due to moody Zurich July weather). Note to self: I should really start to take pictures at events like these.
  • 05/16
    • I am going to present a paper on counterparts at the Fifth Italian Conference in Analytic Ontology in Padua (June 27-29, 2016) and the Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)Possible IV conference in Bratislava (August 30–31, 2016). Looking forward to both!
    • The line up for the Early Career PostDoc Workshop (UZH, 1–3 July, 2016) has now been finalized. We had more than 65 great contributions to choose from for 8 slots, and the result promises to be a very enjoyable conference. Details can be found here
  • 01/16
    • The Existence workshop went really well. We heard great talks by Tim, Michael and Tobias, and the turnout was good as well. Thanks to everyone for participating!
    • Katharina Felka and I are organizing two workshops:
      • one on existence to take place on the 29th of January with Tim Crane, Michael De and Tobias Rosefeldt
      • and a postdoc workshop from July 1–3 with Emma Borg and Amie Thomasson as keynote speakers (the call for abstracts is now open and closes on the 15th of March 2016)
      • In due course there should be some info on the website of the UZH philosophy department.
  • 09/15
    • Bye bye Mainz. I now work as an Assistent to Prof. Hanjo Glock at the University of Zurich.
  • 06/15
    • The programme of the workshop is now out.

      Title: Topics in Analytical Metaphysics

      Fri, 10 July 2015
      – 11.30
      Julia Zakkou (Hamburg)
      Jesus loves you
      – 13.30
      Alex Steinberg (Mainz)
      Modal Realism and De Dicto Contingency
      – 17.00
      Raphael van Riel (Essen)
      From Fiction to Truth – How to be a Realist About Scientific Explanation
      – 19.00
      Verena Wagner (Konstanz)
      Indeterminism Under-Determined
      Sat, 11 July 2015
      – 11.30
      Nick Haverkamp (Mainz)
      The Limits of Mathematical Knowledge
      – 13.30
      Miguel Hoeltje (Essen)
      Conceptual Truth and Ontological Minimalism
      – 16.30
      Thomas Kroedel (Berlin)
      A New Future Similarity Objection

      If you'd like to attend, please register by sending an email! Perhaps you'd also like to download the conference poster?

  • 04/15
    • Next September I will present a paper entitled Syntactic arguments against 'that'-clause reference at the GAP.9 in Osnabrück.
    • We are organizing a postdoc workshop on topics in the philosophy of language, metaphysics and epistemology to take place at the JGU Mainz on July 10 & 11, 2015. Confirmed speakers are
      • Nick Haverkamp (Mainz)
      • Miguel Hoeltje (Essen)
      • Thomas Kroedel (Berlin)
      • Raphael van Riel (Essen)
      • Alex Steinberg (Mainz)
      • Verena Wagner (Konstanz)
      • Julia Zakkou (Hamburg)
      Paper titles and programme to follow soon(ish).
  • 02/15
    • We're organizing a two-day postgrad workshop on issues in theoretical philosophy to take place sometime during the summer term at JGU Mainz. Details to be confirmed soon(ish).
    • A petition for better working conditions (e.g. tenure track positions beside full professorships) in German academia. Sounds like a good idea? Why not sign today? (If it doesn't sound like a good idea yet, you might want to have a look at this FAZ article by Berlin philosopher Tobias Rosefeldt.)